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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Yangshuo Resort (Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin), È a soli dieci metri dal fiume Yulong.
L'hotel si trova sulla Bank of the Yulong River of Gongnong Bridge, con splendidi paesaggi e vicino a montagne e fiumi. Il signor Xu Beihong ha disegnato una volta e creato il famoso dipinto 'Qing Du' qui.
L'hotel che copre una zona di 300 mu è costruito in modo elaborato da squadre professionali in casa e all'estero. Ogni camera degli ospiti ha un grande spazio di più di 50 metri quadrati;Si possono vedere le zattere che si spostano lungo il fiume Yulong sul balcone, e il davanzale dei vestiti può essere messo sul balcone per vestiti asciutti.La piscina è molto grande. C'è una piscina poco profonda appositamente per i bambini. Gli adulti hanno anche un ampio spazio.
Il luogo di banchetto e business center dotato di strutture conferenze avanzate possono soddisfare le esigenze di business dei clienti.Bar del libro, centro fitness, spa, sauna, centro massaggi della medicina tradizionale cinese, piscina all'aperto, piscina per zuppe e piscina a temperatura costante sono anche buoni posti per il relax e il tempo libero.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Yangshuo Resort?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Yangshuo Resort.

  • Yangshuo Resort dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Yangshuo Resort dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Yangshuo Resort dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Yangshuo Resort accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Yangshuo Resort accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Yangshuo Resort?

    La colazione è di CNY98 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Yangshuo Resort?

    I prezzi partono da CNY999, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • gaoya919
    Great, no need to say
  • bbcy_1997
    Yangshuo, riverside, vacation, these keywords alone are worth the ticket price. In addition, the hotel itself is also good, so it is still a memorable stay experience.
  • xiaoyu1112
    Poor sanitation, decoration as shown in the picture, I'm sorry for the low price. I regret that I'm greedy and cheap. I should live in banyan tree or Yunlu directly
  • a645918631
    Angry!! I was bitten by insects in a hotel on national day. After returning to Shanghai, the hospital directly diagnosed it as Tiao Sao bite! If you want to book the hotel, please check other people's comments before. There are also guests who have been bitten, those with bad skin and those with children. Don't choose here.
  • andymale
    Very good hotel. The environment is very good and the greening is well done. It is very suitable to take children on vacation. You can rent a bike for free. Nearby is the big banyan Shili Gallery scenic spot. Guilin rice noodles for breakfast are very delicious, which is better than those in the generally recommended restaurants.
  • iam2552
    Very clean
  • e02994763
    The hotel environment doesn't have to be said. Suitable for lung washing.
  • adlibber
    The front desk service was stiff. During the five minute consultation, the consultant of the Ministry of tourism had a long face. He asked three questions and answered one answer, but he never looked up and said anything.
  • jeffjiangyan
    It's a beautiful resort hotel built on the Yulong River. You can see green mountains and green water from the balcony of the room. Yulong River rafting is extremely convenient. Have their own orchard. The free or rented bicycles provided by the hotel will be great to wear among the villages in the mountains behind the hotel. Especially suitable for a family vacation.
  • lxt19910110
    Very recommended hotel. The attitude of the service staff was very good. From the front desk to the aunt sweeping the floor, the gardener greeted with a smile. It can be seen that it came from the heart. The environment is impeccable. Facing the Yulong River, the hotel is backed by two mountains, which are very magnificent. The design of the hotel is not very luxurious, but the classical architecture is integrated into the nature of Guilin, rather than sudden, destroying the beauty of nature. The hotel is very quiet. The karst rocks in Guilin can be seen everywhere in the garden. Although it is not as magnificent as seen by the bamboo raft on the Lijiang River, it is enough to enjoy the beauty of Guilin. It's also very enjoyable in the bar in the hall at night. The bar on the right is playing modern music, which is a little noisy. We sat on the left side and could hardly hear. Maybe it's the staff of the hotel. Practicing erhu and flute nearby adds a lot of atmosphere at night. Breakfast is also very good. There are many foreign friends and the atmosphere is very good. The service provided by the staff of the Chinese restaurant was good. There were many foreigners tasting Chinese food and red wine. The western restaurant is almost empty at night. Maybe foreigners don't want to eat Western food when they come to China. The hotel has a free bike, you can go around. I used to live in a foreign-funded five-star hotel in Guilin. I think it's the best. Stay here next time.
  • fiona_yu_81
    The hotel is located on the Bank of Yulong River. The scenery is very beautiful. The air is clear and picturesque in the morning. It's very comfortable to rest and enjoy the scenery by the Bank of Yulong River in the morning and evening. It's very convenient for the hotel to take a bamboo raft by the bank of Yulong River. You can get off the bamboo raft and enter the hotel directly. It's very close to butterfly spring scenic spot and banyan scenic spot. There are garden flowers along the road. The hotel has free bicycles It's very leisurely to visit the scenic area
  • Anlaa
    Good room, beautiful scenery. It's so comfortable to stay by the river!
  • bssun
    The best choice for vacation
  • louise1361
    Beautiful environment
    The environment of the hotel is very good. It is close to the most beautiful Lijiang River of Yulong River. It is fascinating to enjoy the poetic painting
  • icecools
    Resort, good, the best hotel in Yangshuo!
  • e00702805
    The mattress is hard
  • apeisme
    Very good hotel. The environment is very good and the greening is well done. It is very suitable to take children on vacation. You can rent a bike for free. Nearby is the big banyan Shili Gallery scenic spot. Guilin rice noodles for breakfast are very delicious, which is better than those in the generally recommended restaurants.
  • andybo1989
    Everything was very good, except that the free bike was too bad
  • apple_li
    The hotel is located in the scenic area. The waiters are very friendly and the hotel is beautiful. This is the best hotel in Yangshuo. Thank you and look forward to coming again
  • mollye7979
    The check-in process was slow. It was only 4:30 p.m. that the room was cleaned and allowed to check in, which affected the schedule. The rest of the room was not bad, and the hotel environment was also good. Qin Xiyou, the service staff in the lobby, was impatient with the guests, and his attitude and language needed to be improved!
  • derossiwei
    The environment was pretty good, the service was ok, the price was a little high.
  • alan Joy
    Very good good good good good good
  • ljllove123
    It's a good hotel. The hotel environment is very good. It's a good place for vacation. The price is a little high, but it's worth it
  • aeoluswind
    The environment is very good, but the room facilities and decoration are old.
  • babmama
    The hotel environment is good, exquisite and beautiful, and the balcony view is very comfortable.
  • babywell117118
    A very recommended Hotel, suitable for parent-child tourism!
  • cjj_net
    Good. Nothing wrong. Next time, I'll go here
  • neoluoyu
    The hotel environment is good, the hardware facilities are good. Breakfast is average; It's very inconvenient to use the car. The travel agency downstairs is very dark. I went to Liu Sanjie, took us 150, and called a local car outside. After asking the driver, the driver only received 50. Therefore, it is suggested that people who need to use a car walk for 2 minutes to the farmhouse outside the hotel, and ask them to contact the car for you, 50-60.
  • jasonsuifeng
    Very satisfied, very characteristic hotel! Yulong River, worth staying!
  • cmbcmadong
    The hotel environment is as picturesque as poetry! Sitting by the Yulong River, quietly watching the bamboo raft slowly descending, I feel good and calm, like a dynamic picture. Every room with balcony and clothes rack, room, toilet are very big, clean, service is also good! Speaking of shortcomings: (1) the room air conditioner is really suck, but people in 7-8 do not know how to get through it. (2) the plug is basically untouched and charged hard. 3) The hotel's travel department has a high price. Making money depends on one's conscience. It's hard to maintain if it's too dark. You can go ashore to the hotel at the Chaoyang wharf of Yulong River, 260 / raft, hire to Yangshuo city by taxi, 50 yuan / trip, 35 km to Xingping ancient town by charter, 200 yuan / time, 340 round trips, 100 mountain bikes / day.
  • llsp1700
    The hotel is a garden design, very beautiful. The service was attentive and friendly. The only regret is that the picking in the package was not fulfilled. The reason was that there was no worker to accompany during the holiday, and there was no explanation.
  • neuron1977
    Seeing so many bad reviews in the comments, I almost gave up choosing this hotel. Nothing is perfect, but I am very satisfied with choosing here. The hotel is big, the scenery is beautiful, the air is good, just like breakfast, but it's OK. The attitude of the waiter was also very good. When I saw everyone saying hello, it was not as bad as I thought. We chose the Yulong River rafting. The hotel had a car to send us to the hotel and floated to the wharf to get off the bamboo raft. The master who supported the bamboo raft was also very polite. He gave us a small red envelope and didn't recommend any other consumption. He also enthusiastically explained the name and origin of some mountains to us. I think travel or to be tolerant, you respect others, others will respect you, do not always use critical eyes to see others, your journey will be a lot of pleasure.
  • avisyan
    It's a little far from the West Street. It's better than quiet and good environment. Behind the hotel is Yulong River. After drifting, you'll be near the hotel. Breakfast tastes good
  • callmepanda
    The hotel is near Shili Gallery, the most beautiful scenic spot in Yangshuo. The hotel can see the scenic spot of Yulong River rafting. The hotel has a large place, 9 three-story houses, Chinese and Western restaurants, and coffee shops. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while drinking coffee. It is very comfortable and worthy of recommendation!
  • IvyXiao
    It's amazing. It's more beautiful than the one in the photo. It's in a good location. It's close to Yulong River. We live on the first floor. There's a small garden in front of us. There's a bed in the garden. Baby likes to run from the garden to the room. It's very happy. It's very convenient to dry clothes in the garden, which other hotels can't do. It's also very convenient to use the car. There are many shuttle buses in a day, and the driver's attitude is very good. The service of the Chinese restaurant in the hotel is also very good. The taste is delicious and the service is considerate. The waiters in the hotel are very polite. They say hello to each other from the bottom of their heart. Naturally, our family like it. We will choose Yangshuo next time we have a chance.
  • e00141436
    It's a very good hotel, good location, good environment, impressive
  • e04341325
    The best hotel in Beilun is that there are too few single rooms to book.
  • ablj2006
    The most impressive thing is the hotel lobby, which is fully open, surrounded by emerald mountains, and the feeling of natural oxygen bar is ready to come out!
  • jone0613
    The price is high, the service is poor, the facilities are average, but the surrounding environment is good
  • asteven2010
    When I first arrived at the hotel, I was attracted by its environment. After checking in, I found that the facility layout and all aspects of the room were not five-star at all, but a very general three-star inner room. The bed was very wet and my body would itch after sleeping for a while, leaving a lot of bags that were not like mosquito bites. This bag was very stubborn and wouldn't be good for a few days. I was worried. The Chinese restaurant in the hotel is not bad, but the price is also relatively expensive. The most annoying problem is that the hotel starts to shut down the air conditioner around 10:00 at noon and doesn't give the air conditioner until around 6:00 at night. It's simply unbearable, because the local weather is sauna weather, and it's useless no matter who you reflect this problem with. They will say that it's always been like this since the start of business. This is stipulated by the boss, and they don't worry if you can't love it. To sum up, the only advantage is the environment. Nothing else.
  • librabian
    The room on the first floor is moist and smelly.
  • e01892874
    The hotel environment is good, you can see the nearby scenery, and the facilities in the hotel can also be used. The service is also fairly satisfactory. After all, I'm a tourist, so I'm fairly satisfied
  • m00058162
    The hotel environment is very good, very big. The mattress is uncomfortable, which is not commensurate with such an upscale hotel. The aunt picking vegetables is very enthusiastic. The taste of Chinese and Western restaurants is general. Gulu meat is full of fat meat and noodles outside. It is expensive but the quality is very poor. Every time I come to Guilin, I will stay in this hotel with superior geographical location. But compared with the opening, the overall feeling of this stay is not as good as before.
  • nb360
    Yes, by the Yulong River
  • BC old witch
    From Clubmed, Yangshuo's tourism management is really not so good. Yulong River rafting and West Street are not as enthusiastic and fun as they were ten years ago. The swimming pool in the hotel is good and the breakfast is terrible.
  • e03440498
    There is a problem with the service standard. The Chinese restaurant is chartered by a single team and does not provide accommodation. It is a wonderful move for individuals to have meals
  • jesseyyi
    The hotel environment is undeniable, quiet and beautiful ~ it is very suitable for leisure vacation, and the breakfast is also good ~ but! The shower in the bathroom is enough. How can such a good hotel match such a poor shower? In addition, there is a problem with the flushing gate of the toilet. It has been flushing all the time. It's a waste. The hotel is built in the Shili Gallery scenic area. The room can see the mountain and the Yulong River is next to the hotel..
  • ajinjiaagu
    Very good service, high quality staff, friendly and natural smile
  • yiting22518
    Very good hotel. I'll stay next time
  • fdcyb
    not bad
  • mounn
    The supporting facilities of the hotel are not as well described. The children's paradise is just a slide. The picking time of the farmers is also set. There is no set meal for afternoon tea. The environment of the hotel is good
  • G fun with the humans
    The environment is beautiful and the room is comfortable
  • y long
    It's really a good hotel. Everyone is very happy in it. Travel holiday is to choose a more comfortable hotel. The hotel has ordered the Yulong River rafting project on behalf of us. It's a beautiful view. Hotel facilities are also very good, the price is also appropriate, recommended.
  • fyvivian
    The hotel's own environment is good. It's quiet on the Yulong River. It's 5-6 kilometers away from the West Street. It's about 40 yuan by taxi. The hotel has a shuttle bus. The Chinese restaurant in the hotel produces good products. Although the price is a little higher than the market, considering the environment and service, I think it is worth recommending.
  • sunpengyuan
    Great, very elegant environment, first-class air, check in next time.