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Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin is only 10 meters away from Yulong River.
The hotel is located on the Bank of the Yulong River of Gongnong bridge, with beautiful scenery and close to mountains and rivers. Mr. Xu Beihong once sketched and created the famous painting 'Qinge Du' here.
The hotel covering an area of 300 mu is elaborately built by professional teams at home and abroad. Each guest room has a super large space of more than 50 square meters; You can see the rafts drifting by Yulong River on the balcony, and the clothes rack can be put on the balcony to dry clothes. The swimming pool is very large. There is a shallow pool specially for children. Adults also have a large space.
The banquet place and business center equipped with advanced conference facilities can meet the business needs of customers. Book bar, fitness center, spa, sauna, massage center of traditional Chinese medicine, outdoor swimming pool, soup pool and constant temperature swimming pool are also good places for relaxation and leisure.
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FAQs when booking at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    The room prices is from cny1030, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • distance
    The environment is good, but the things are old and the service can't keep up. I won't live here next time.
  • fengjie1230
    Emergency treatment and service quality are expressed in silence.
  • d01024478
    The hotel is not bad, and there are many rooms. It should be good when you are free. There are a lot of people on national day, traffic jams on the road, and the breakfast in the hotel is average
  • a_0608
    I have lived three times and the environment is very good.
  • wd19981230
  • Gujimmy
    The hotel environment is very good, close to mountains and rivers, very quiet, suitable for vacation. But the corresponding software really didn't catch up. The swimming pool was very dry, and there were no snacks and drinks. The children's Park is outdoors. It's too hot to play during the day, too dark at night, and there are many mosquitoes. The variety of breakfast is monotonous. The noodles in Chinese restaurant are instant noodles. Only environment is the selling point.
  • dongdonggou
    The housekeeping department promised to change the bath towel, but it didn't change at all
  • CS2800
    Beautiful place, beautiful environment!!!
  • liweicn
    The hotel environment was good, the service was average, not particularly satisfied
  • Vera_jiang
    Great hotel
  • Gypsy
    The hotel is a resort hotel. The hardware decoration is very in place. The rooms are very spacious, clean, comfortable and atmospheric. The hotel also has regular and fixed-point shuttle buses, which is very convenient to travel.
  • Learned
    The hotel is located by the Yulong River. We live in a riverside room. The view is very good. You can see the rafts drifting down from the upstream in the room. There is a big bed on the balcony. You can lie down and watch the scenery by the river. It's very leisurely. The partition of the room is not obvious, so it's easy to put things everywhere. No wonder the front desk asked me to leave a phone while I was checking in.
  • autrain
    Overall, it's not bad. Today, the swimming pool is open. The kids don't want to leave.
  • gadget
    A good hotel to stay in
  • m04967782
    11 to go, in addition to expensive anything good!
  • David_1
    The environment is very good??, The air conditioning is not too awesome. Breakfast is good.
  • e03056072
    The hotel is at the end of the Yulong River rafting. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Yangshuo on the balcony. The waiters are very considerate and friendly. My father's feet and legs are inconvenient. He arranged three buildings not far from the restaurant for us. Thank you very much. The hardware of the room is good. After breakfast and dinner in the hotel, I feel that there is still a certain gap compared with the old five-star hotel. I hope the next stay will make progress. But children like it very much. They play slide and swim. It's said that banyan tree is also in the process of preparing for the opening of the hotel. I hope the hotel will become better and better.
  • agnes_wang
    The location of the hotel is quite good, back to the mountain, on the Bank of Yulong River, walk to Gongnong bridge for 5 minutes, located within the scope of Shili gallery. When you go to Yangshuo to stay in the hotel, you can enjoy the scenery of Yangshuo. All rooms face the Yulong River and distant mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the balcony. The artistic conception is very good, the rooms are also large, and the taste and price of the Chinese restaurant are OK. Compared with other five-star hotels, the buffet breakfast is not rich enough, and there is room to improve the service attitude!
  • paveldu
    It's OK, but there's no special surprise. The message requires that you can see the river view room, and the room can see the river view. The service staff had a good attitude
  • e03249477
    As always, it's just that the child is sick and wants to eat pears. He calls and asks if he meets someone with a bad attitude. He hopes to improve. Individual circumstances will not affect his next stay
  • xsm512
    The environment was good, the service was also very good!
  • fredcai
    I read a lot of comments before booking and knew that there were some problems, but for the sake of scenery, I still ordered this one. After checking in, I feel that the hotel is changing and improving. I'm glad to keep it and improve it continuously.
  • Daisycx
    The hotel is located by the Yulong River with superior environment. There are free shuttle buses to West Street. There are scenic spots around. You can walk to many places. There are too few breakfast varieties.
  • lplyxy
    The environment is really good, the facilities are also very new, the service attitude is very good??.
  • ja932103
    The hotel is very quiet, birds and flowers are fragrant, and it is generally elegant! If you have enough time and bring the elderly, you can consider coming, but the house on the first floor has a faint damp smell and mosquitoes. The room is more intimate, with balm smeared with mosquito bites, fresh fruit and Kung Fu tea set! Children like to feed fish and are very excited to get in and out of the hotel by battery car! The tea coupons sent by the hotel are useless. The price performance of tea is not high. When taking the battery car in the hotel, the SLR camera fell on the car. When I got to the scenic spot, I remembered. I immediately called the front desk of the hotel. The hotel said that it had kept it for us. A hanging heart was put down and moved. I immediately felt so warm!
  • Alan Bee
    The environment is very good. The bathroom is open. Breakfast is OK
  • andymwleung
    The price is a little expensive, but it's really great! The hotel also has a free bike ride. And the swimming pool, although the water is very shallow.
  • flyingbugs
    It's a great hotel with picturesque scenery. The whole family likes it very much. We must stay here next time.
  • liliverio
    The hotel environment is very good, suitable for parent-child travel
  • d00504004
    The hotel has a shuttle bus to the West Street, just by the Yulong River. The environment doesn't matter. The service is good! Especially breakfast, rich and delicious! The whole can be called five stars!
  • MANBU163
    The typical resort hotel is very comfortable in all aspects, but the gym is short, the equipment is rusty, there is no towel and water service, and there is no towel service in the swimming pool.
  • caijuwen
  • adiailin
  • diudiumama
    The environment and location are very good. There is a swimming pool. There is nothing to pick in the picking area, and there are no facilities in the children's playground. I hope it can be improved. The ticket booking and car Hailing fees of the tourism department are too expensive. Overall, it's a very good hotel.
  • gracemar
    Okay, good
  • jiteng
    It's a very beautiful hotel.
  • e00684025
    The location, environment and view of the hotel are very good. As it rained for two days after three days, I didn't go to the scenic spots outside. I stayed in the hotel for leisure. There was something wrong with the mahjong table in the chess and card room of the hotel, which was reflected several times. The supervisor's attitude was very unfriendly. I hope the hotel can strengthen management and improve service quality.
  • jussy8055
    The environment is good and suitable for vacation.
  • canbepor
  • maomao870614
    The hotel is very beautiful. Although it is a little far away from the city, the environment is very beautiful. I will go there again if I have a chance.
  • bestcc317
    Good place
  • bmw6699
    The environment is amazing and the surrounding scenery is charming! It's still it next time!
  • e01842493
    The hotel environment is very good, the room industry is good, but the price is high
  • jj-jj
    Not bad, very quiet, you can breathe freely!
  • betbet1203
    The location of the hotel is very good. You can see the Yulong River drifting from the balcony. The room is also very clean. There are free bicycles. It's still very comfortable, but the price is more expensive,
  • beibeima
    As many netizens said, the super first-class environment, second-class services, third class facilities, profound experience. Shower faucet and broadband, that is not necessarily better than home.
  • apai2006
  • mnoting
    The hotel facilities are old and out of line with the price. After taking a bath, the bathroom is underwater. There is a peculiar smell in the room. The elevator closes very strangely and very fast. I was caught by many other tourists. The lobby is also reluctant to turn on the air conditioner. At breakfast, the restaurant is full. I waited for a long time without a seat. There is a big stain on the bedsheet, which makes me afraid to use the hotel towel. It's not even convenient to wipe the seat on the bedside. There's so much more The hotel has only one swimming pool. There are a lot of people in the pool. The water is muddy. There is no desire to go into the water. The breakfast taste is also very general. The shuttle bus in the hotel is too small. When I came back from Yangshuo, I stood back. When I checked out, I asked the bellboy to pick up my luggage. I didn't come for half an hour. Finally, I had to move there by myself. Others commented that there is a grave in the back mountain of the hotel. It's true
    Hotel location is good, travel convenience, hotel facilities or!
  • lingmonde
    The hotel environment is great. You can see the beautiful scenery even if you don't go out of the hotel! I will choose to stay next time!
  • xgf9900
    Very good. I will choose this hotel next time
  • e04954674
    It's the first choice for a holiday. The environment and hardware are OK. There are some highlights in the service details, but there are also some things that need to be further improved. For example, I made an early flight and told the restaurant that three copies were packed and put on the front desk at 6:20; It is suggested that the bus to West Street should be pre registered at the front desk to facilitate reasonable dispatching. Overall very good!
    The environment is very good
  • encore1021
    not bad