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Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin is only 10 meters away from Yulong River.
The hotel is located on the Bank of the Yulong River of Gongnong bridge, with beautiful scenery and close to mountains and rivers. Mr. Xu Beihong once sketched and created the famous painting 'Qinge Du' here.
The hotel covering an area of 300 mu is elaborately built by professional teams at home and abroad. Each guest room has a super large space of more than 50 square meters; You can see the rafts drifting by Yulong River on the balcony, and the clothes rack can be put on the balcony to dry clothes. The swimming pool is very large. There is a shallow pool specially for children. Adults also have a large space.
The banquet place and business center equipped with advanced conference facilities can meet the business needs of customers. Book bar, fitness center, spa, sauna, massage center of traditional Chinese medicine, outdoor swimming pool, soup pool and constant temperature swimming pool are also good places for relaxation and leisure.
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FAQs when booking at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    The room prices is from cny1030, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • aa2002
    Weekend prices are quite expensive
  • cwd128
    Qingerdu is an excellent place. Unfortunately, the buffet breakfast is not good. Wi-Fi is very difficult to connect and has no speed. The check-out is strictly implemented at 12 o'clock. The key bus is 13:30. That's right. The trenches are chartered. The shower water doesn't splash everywhere. No one will clean up the tea cups in the room. The fruit drinks can only be ha ha. Free bicycles are broken, but they can ride. In short, the service awareness is too general and does not match the price
  • daisy415
    The environment and facilities are very good, but they are quite expensive
  • allen_li
    The environment and food are very good. The only bad thing is that the location is too remote. It's very inconvenient to go out and take a taxi
  • babyaya
    not bad
  • lina629114
    It's a very good hotel with beautiful environment. It's a big breakfast. In particular, the lighting of the hotel at night is very beautiful, which is very suitable for leisure and vacation. Although it's far from downtown, it's very convenient for the hotel to have shuttle bus. like it very much!
  • bluemoon111
    The hotel environment is very good, next to the Yulong River, and there are free bicycles to ride.
  • greensmile414
    It's just that the air is good and the price is on the high side.
  • ivy86523
    not bad
  • fox_dd
    not bad
  • e00069256
    The scenery and facilities are very good, but the management of the swimming pool is not enough. It would be better if the service was more standardized.
  • e02433711
    The magic of nature, the ingenious thinking of designers, the perfect combination of nature and architecture
  • wwwming2010
    The surrounding environment is good, very quiet. It's convenient to pick up and drop off from West Street!
  • aleny
    Great location for tourist. Nice facility, but service is so so.
  • paulbourrell
    The wandering boat can dock and go directly to the lobby. It's coming!
  • caoningna
    The reception desk of the hotel is very stingy. It doesn't look like a five-star hotel at all, but everything else is pretty good
  • itelite
    The hotel is very nice
  • blueoger
    The environment and scenery are super good! It's worth going again
  • liu_xinmm
    The surrounding environment is very beautiful, but the air conditioner in the room is hardly cooled. It's really uncomfortable to stay for a night. The children can't shout hot. Alas, five-star hotels are speechless. Such problems will occur in hardware in such a good location, and the wireless is intermittent. Alas, the wireless in the $200 inn is super fast. This is speechless
  • OPPO0707
    The hotel is near the Yulong River Industrial and commercial bridge. It is close to the mountain and the river. The scenery is beautiful. The architectural style of the hotel is also pleasant. The room is large, more than 50 square meters. The food in the Chinese restaurant is delicious. I stayed for four nights and ate six meals. The only disadvantage is that there are too many mosquitoes along the river:)
  • lvping222
    The environment was good, but the service was average
  • gamefox0809
    It's very quiet, suitable for family, friends and lovers. There are few choices for breakfast, and the transportation is quite convenient. There are free shuttle buses.
  • e03018031
    It's a place with artistic conception, green hills on the left and green water on the right. The service of the hotel is well considered in detail. The breakfast and swimming pool are very good, and the interior and exterior scenes fully match. The rafts drifting on the Yulong River are not far from the window. Walking along the river in the morning is the enjoyment of life. The disadvantage is the efficiency of the restaurant at noon and at night, which requires great patience. It is common to wait for one hour for meals, which may be due to the golden week. However, it should be noted that the quality of the restaurant is absolutely acceptable. The small pier in the hotel can take a raft to the farmhouse across the river, which is cheap and of good quality. It is also a supplement to eating.
    The hotel is on the edge of Yulong River, the environment is good!
  • TerranceT
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's on the edge of Yulong River. Pushing the window is the beautiful scenery. It's very good
  • aurora918
    Riverside room and Riverview Room did not see the gap, but really very good
  • beginners
    OK, very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lry034
    The hotel has good scenery and quiet location. It lives on the first floor. Out of the balcony is the riverside lawn. It is excellent to drink tea and read books by the riverside. It is very comfortable for leisure and vacation.
  • m00199715
    Great. Good environment, good sanitation, good service. Come again next time
  • sjxiang
    I like this resort very much. The hotel is located by the Yulong River. It is very quiet and beautiful. It is convenient to go to scenic spots. There are many kinds of breakfast. After I went, my friends also went to this hotel on the third day and will come again next time
  • fayegui
    Good, very good
  • feifei1100
    The scenery is not to be said, the room is very big, super value!
  • lancen
    A resting place for the mind
    The hotel is located on the Bank of Yulong River and Shili Gallery scenic spot. The bamboo raft can be directly parked at the hotel. Rent a bike and ride along the Yulong River. It's very delicious. The hotel is a few kilometers away from Yangshuo County. It's very convenient to drive for more than ten minutes. The rooms in the hotel are large and the hardware is generally good, but the bed is not comfortable enough and does not match this price. I spent dozens of yuan more and bought a gift bag with free car rental and free picking. The money was wasted. If you actually sign a room number, you can enjoy free treatment.
  • e00102138
    I'm very satisfied with the environment. I'll book here when I have the chance to come to Guilin!
  • Framemirror
    Although the location is a bit biased, the hotel environment is not that bad. In the painting, there are fewer shuttle buses to West Street, and the hotel supplies are poor. It needs to be improved. I'll check in next time,
  • candy2006012
    The surrounding scenery is OK
  • mxc1976
    The environment of the hotel is very good, the service and reception are very polite, but the smell of the toilet in the room is strong, and Wi Fi is not available. It would be better to improve these two points.
  • deerlinna
    Hotel supplies are poor! The environment is really first-class!
  • andyeileen
    Not bad, but it's a little far away
  • pandalar
    Good environment, good parent-child travel
  • wangyican
    Excellent greening and environment
  • Ruiting
    The environment is very good, the service is good, the facilities are first-class, the maintenance is too poor, the baby chairs are broken, there are mildew spots on them, there are a few mildew spots on the toilet tiles, the bed products are a little damp, which may be caused by the local climate, the breakfast is too poor, and the few varieties may be the regional reason. The hotel room comes with a retractable clothes hanger.
  • a59122772
    The design of the room is not good, the bed on the balcony is not good, and the flushing of the toilet is broken
  • Iris Quiet 1231
    Picturesque places, very worth staying in resort hotels. It's convenient to go to Yulong River and other scenic spots. Meals are a little expensive. A bottle of coke costs 28 yuan, but the food is not bad
  • slavil
    The environment is good and worth staying.
  • airryli0oo
    The environment is great. There is a swimming pool downstairs. I just lived in it. Others need to be found
  • louisa
    Great environment
  • cyn5656cn
    The hotel is located by the Yulong River in Shili Gallery, with beautiful environment and fresh air. It is invested by the boss of Guangdong and meets his own requirements
  • fangie0908
    The location is very good. You can arrive quickly from the expressway without going through chaotic urban traffic. You can directly reach the hotel wharf by drifting in Yulong River. The price is high, and the indoor WiFi signal is unstable and very slow
  • Emillias
    It's a good environment. It's not very convenient to travel. It's inconvenient to go shopping when it's noisy. There are fewer flights to West Street. It's recommended to have more flights. The attitude of people in the car rental and tourism department is generally colder. The attitude of Chinese and Western food service staff is very good. Praise one. It's not bad overall
  • ariel Tang Tang
    The environment in the hotel is good, but there are several tombs in the mountain opposite the hotel gate. We feel very bad about coming to vacation. When we check in, we have four suitcases, no one leads the way, no one helps pile luggage, and we don't like breakfast very much.
  • dxm110
    The scenery is beautiful and the location is good. It's only 40 minutes from the West Street by bike. The swimming pool is large and the water is clean. The only shortage is that there are too many insects and many small red envelopes have been bitten.
  • DiLiberty
    Riverside Resort has such a simple name, but its quality is by no means simple. It is located on the Bank of Yulong River, with a large overall area. You can directly enter the manor of the hotel after completing the bamboo raft in the upper reaches of the river. The greening of the hotel is excellent. There are several buildings in the whole manor. The dark wood style is somewhat restrained and natural in the atmosphere. The facilities in the room are perfect and well maintained. The neat bedroom is decorated with less dark green and can be done in the details. It feels relaxed and comfortable to stay. It has some warmth when turning on the lights at night, which is extremely rare. The bathroom is bright and spacious, bright and clean as new, and the quality of bath products is acceptable. It is worth mentioning that the elegant fragrance in the bathroom is excellent. The most beautiful thing is to walk along the quiet garden path after nightfall, feel the soft light and night wind, and look up to see the stars
  • David488
    I regret booking this hotel. The location is far from the urban area, it is inconvenient to travel, and the service attitude of the staff is very poor. It was reserved for the 70 year old mother-in-law. It was reserved in the evening. The next day, it was found that the location was not suitable for the elderly to travel. They called and refused to return. They also added: don't say return, it's impossible to change. It's very unkind. I'm afraid no one lives. My father-in-law said he gave me a room near the roadside. He quarreled for a night and didn't sleep well. He asked to change a room the next day and quarreled.
  • Carol111
    It is located next to Yulong River and is very remote. It will be very inconvenient if you don't have a car. It's about five kilometers from West Street. The facilities are average, can not reach the four-star standard, and the price is very expensive, and the cost performance is very poor. The most wonderful thing was that when I left the store the next day, I found that the dinner and Breakfast eaten by others (I didn't know who in the end) on the bill were counted on me, which delayed more than half an hour!
  • cilaba
    The hotel is close to Yulong River with beautiful scenery and excellent environment
  • Gingercat
    The second time I lived, it was quiet away from the swimming pool. The service attitude was good. The breakfast was great. It was the most sumptuous hotel breakfast I had. It could be solved with brunch. However, the management quality was significantly lower than last year. The lobby had no air conditioning and Spa closed early. It can only be said to be the best hotel in Yangshuo.
  • emma3368
    The hotel environment is really good. It's suitable for a family
  • irene11033
    very good
  • guogang2
    The scenery is very good, but the software is not good. When eating in a Chinese restaurant, three people asked for a glass of boiled water, but each charged five yuan. When they ordered shrimp from Lijiang River, they asked the waiter why it was so small. The answer was that the picture of shrimp on the menu was enlarged. They never met this kind of answer. The next day they ordered a morning call, and they didn't call for an hour after waking up in the morning. They called the front desk and asked, The front desk attendant is very experienced. He replied that no one answered when he called your room, which is nonsense. I said that I overslept in my room and never went out at all! Manage up to two stars!
  • li9390
    Good environment
  • fang136201
    The room is very big, the bed is very big, two single beds are combined, and three pillows can be placed flat. The quality of bath products is not good, so it is recommended to bring them with you. Breakfast is very good. The scenery in the hotel is beautiful, and the Yulong River can be seen directly from the balcony of the room.
  • ballball29
    very nice
  • adfasfdsa
    The scenery is very good, and I will choose again
  • guaiwawa
    The hotel is located by the Yulong River. The scenery is not easy to say. The transportation is not very convenient. Although there are regular buses, there are not enough shifts. The food variety and taste of Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants need to be improved. Generally speaking, it should be the best hotel in Yangshuo
  • daixintong1
    It's a very special hotel. It's very suitable for vacation.
  • cpa1fan
    Very comfortable nice resort.
  • ccslcxp
    The hotel is not too new, but the surrounding environment is really integrated into nature
  • e03435028
    It's really extraordinary
  • catface1
    The location is excellent, the environment is first-class, the service is very considerate and the facilities are very complete. It is a good place for vacation with higher and higher prices.
  • devil6811
    Environmental hygiene is very good! It's a little expensive. Guilin rice noodles for breakfast are not delicious.
  • BaBy rabbits
    Riverside Hotel is still the best hotel in the region, but it doesn't feel like a 5-star hotel. There are too few front desk attendants and no bellboy can be seen. The staff of the Ministry of tourism do not seem to serve guests and are difficult to trust.
  • g210007
    very good
  • blueriver
    Very good check-in experience!
  • ince1636
    The overall environment, scenery, health, service and catering of the hotel are very good, which is worth staying again.
  • beryl522
    There are sweet scented osmanthus and grapefruit trees all over the garden. We can see the beautiful scenery of Yulong River while swimming. When we checked in, because we have old people and babies, we specially arranged the room beside the swimming pool. It's really sweet. Thank you for the gentle uncle at the front desk who didn't see the name clearly, but your service made me feel very warm. Thank you again
  • JoanGuan
    All kinds of hardware and software are good, the only shortage, stingy refused to open air conditioning
  • micyjiang
    The hotel is very quiet and clean, but it's a pity that we don't have a room above the second floor and can't see the scenery of Shili gallery. It's not very convenient to travel in the hotel. The hotel's free bus only takes us to the old street. It's very expensive to call a taxi to other scenic spots, and there's no taxi in Yangshuo, which is more troublesome.
  • jewon
    In addition to the inconvenience of travel, other things are good, after self driving will be complete!